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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

The Oxfordshire Cricket Association now boasts 96 teams from 52 clubs competing in 10 divisions and 6 cup competitions.
The Association promotes competitive cricket in Oxfordshire and the outlying districts, maintaining the integrity of competition with regard to 2nd and 3rd team cricket, and promoting the highest standards in all facets of the game.

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Action from League and Cup 2013

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Proposals for the 2014 AGM.....Do clubs really know that they can be involved in this process?

If you follow comments on the Forum or listen to players talking about the rules being wrong or they could be improved by 'doing this and that',you suddenly realise that perhaps clubs and individuals DO NOT realise that they can help change the rules, if indeed they need changing?
It is NOT down to the Executive to always have to put proposals to the clubs (and some will say they get it wrong anyway!) but if often happens this way because those who 'moan and groan' about things they feel to be wrong, WILL NOT bother to put forward proposals, which need another club to second the proposal.
So, the Executive look forward to receiving proposals from member clubs well in advance of the November AGM, and then it will be down to the clubs to decide YES or NO to the proposals made.
Clubs should submit their proposals to the General Secretary either by post or e-mail.

Touring team looking for a game!!

Denver Cricket Club are touring 12th, 13th &14th September and we are looking for a fixture on Sunday 14th September preferably a 40 over game starting at 1pm or 1.30pm with tea in between innings.
If you require any further information please contact Alan 07810778346 or email: alanthulbourne@btinternet.com

Appeal deposits.....( To replace previous notice sent to clubs)

The purpose of this notice is to advise that any appeal against any decision of the Disciplinary Panel or by an officer of the association will result in the loss of the full deposit of 100, unless the appeal is successful, in which case the deposit will be fully refunded)

Over the past two months, the number of appeals against decisions by OCA officials has reached an alarming rate, and the Executive feel it is necessary for clubs to be fully aware of the process and what it is likely to cost your club.
The Appeals Process is clearly defined in the handbook (see page 43 rules 46-53) and an appeal must be made in writing to the President within 7 days of being notified of the decision by the Disciplinary Panel (DP) (see page 43.46-51) or by an official of the OCA (see page 43.52-53)
A deposit cheque of 100.00 must accompany the appeal notice and as from the 14th July, this is non-refundable as in the past the Appeals Panel have been very lenient with this, and have in most cases returned part of this deposit. Should an appeal be successful, then the full deposit will be returned.
Clubs should consider the circumstances of a decision very carefully before entering the appeals process, and should realise that OCA officials only follow the rules of the association, and have no personal vendettas against clubs who they legislate against.
It has been a very disappointing two months regarding disciplinary issues and fines levied, and to date, from the beginning of May there have been at least fifteen disciplinary matters that have been dealt with or are ongoing with by the DP.
Could you please ensure that this notice is clearly displayed in your clubhouse and that the captains and vice-captains are made aware, preferably giving them a copy for their files.

Nick Treweeke
OCA President
21st July 2014

Garsington C.C. - 3rd Team withdrawal (Division 9)

It is with regret that we have to advise that Garsington 3rd team have withdrawn from the league with immediate effect, due to a shortage of players.
This directly involves the following clubs: Britwell Salome II - Chesterton II - Dorchester II - Eynsham II - Minster Lovell II - Risinghurst II - Sunningwell II and Wootton & B.H.
The website will be ammended to reflect this withdrawal.

Roadworks on the Oxford Ring Road - Long Delays!!!

Umpire Alan Baker wrote:

It may be a good idea to remind clubs and umpires that the road works on the ring road are causing long delays on Saturdays and that people may need to leave earlier for games than usual.

A week ago, I was umpiring at Brize Norton and the Garsington players only just made the official start time, having been held up on the ring road. On Saturday, the umpires arrived late for the same reason. There does not seem to be any way round the problem

Eynsham C.C. - Temporary Ground for the remainder of 2014 fixtures:

Eynsham CC will be playing their games at the Oxford Rescue Casssington ground for the remainder of the 2014 season.
This will be classed as their 'home ground' whilst building work etc takes place at Eynsham.

MCC Laws of Cricket 42.15 - Courtesy of Ian Royle

In view of the recent publicity in the ODI it might be worth reading and understanding this rule?

42.15. Bowler attempting to run out non-striker before delivery
The bowler is permitted, before entering his delivery stride, to attempt to run out the non-striker. Whether the attempt is successful or not, the ball shall not count as one of the over.
If the bowler fails in an attempt to run out the non-striker, the umpire shall call and signal Dead ball as soon as possible.
For clarity the "delivery stride" starts when the back foot lands before the release of the ball - basically it means that the ball has to be released/thrown at the stumps under the Laws of Cricket to effect a run out.
There is also no requirement under the Laws to give any warnings of the intent to run out the non-striker so to pillory the Sri Lankan for running him out is nonsense as he had already warned Buttler twice when he had no need to.
To clear any queries, the OCA play to the MCC Laws of Cricket not ICC regulations!!

Hanborough C.C. - Correct Mibile number for Club Contact - Rob Lovick

Please be advised that the number listed in the 2014 handbook is WRONG...
Please amend this to: 07446 144 702
It is CORRECT in the club details on the website.

Witney Swifts umpire - Paul Woodward

For any wishing to contact Paul Woodward on umpiring issues, please note that his contact number is: 07909 768 357 - This was not put in the 2014 handbook.

Change of 1st team captain for Deddington C.C.

Please be advised that the 1st team captain is now David Barnhill.
Telehone number: 01869.345887 amd e-mail address: David.barnhill@tesco.net
Details have been changed on the website.
Please change the details in your handbooks.

Westcott C.C. - Sight Screen Damage

To: Teams in Divisions 3 and 10....

Westcott C.C. have advised that due to storm/wind damage one of their sight screens was blown over and the wind-up mechanism broken.

They have ordered a replacement but until this arrives they regret that they only have ONE SCREEN....

Scorers and Updating Scoreboards during matches!!

Could all team captains please ensure that they have competent persons scoring their games and to ensure that the scoreboard is changed after EVERY over, as this is a great help to our umpires as they seek to be as accurate as possible.

Parking at Cuttleslowe Park - Wolvercote C.C. Ground

When playing and parking at the above ground, there is a car parking charge of 2.20 per car, so it is advisable to have some loose change to cover this....Cricket is getting to be an expensive game!!

Wrong telephone number for Umpire Malcolm Phipps & Brian Mitchell

Please can you change the number listed under the umpires page in the 2014 handbook to: 01235.520413
Brian Mitchell's mobile number should be: 07927 391 175

Thank you

Junior Players

It has been found that there is an issue with some junior player registrations on the website as they had been imported and dates of birth had not been input such that they are not shown in the correct age group. All clubs should therefore review all registrations of junior players to ensure that they are shown in the correct age group and notify me be email of any errors letting me know the player ID, name and the date of birth of the player. Peter Whitlock, OCA Registration Secretary. peter.whitlockoca@gmail.com

Umpires List - Incorrect mobile number for Peter Styles!!

Please note tht the number listed in the 2014 handbook is incorrect.
Peter Styles mobile number is: 07810 427 391
Please change this in your handbooks.

2014 Handbook - Three printing errors to correct please!

Page 14 - Charlbury C.C - 2nd XI captain - email address should read:
richardnash360@btinternet.com ('d' missing in Richard)

Page 15 - Great Horwood C.C. - 1st XI captain - e-mail should read: parkyruud@yahoo.co.uk (typo error)

Page 15 - East & West Hendred C.C. - Incorrect 1st XI captain...should read: Mark Baring: 07909 703 401 - e-mail: m.baring@hotmail.co.uk

Page 55 - Target Score Calculator - First Line should be 'divided' and NOT times 'X'

Change of Secretary/Contact for Sunnningwell C.C.

Please be advised that the details in the 2014 handbook are incorrect as they have just changed their contact details, which are as follows:
Secretary: Alison Lovell: 01865.327956 & 07900 882 374 with a secondary contact: Caroline Waugh: 07711 287 337. e-mail address: secretary@sunningwellcc.org.uk

OCA Cricket Club Insurance cover?

Clubs are reminded that they should hold a current insurance policy, a copy of which will be required to attach to the 2015 application form.
The Executive suggest that the minimum cover for clubs should include Public Liability,Employer's Liability and Legal Cover.
Any club wanting information on Insurance issues should in the first instance contact the OCA General Secretary.

Marketing Officer required for the OCA

The Executive feel that the association would benefit greatly by having a 'Marketing Officer', but to date have no-one within the ranks of the Executive who feels able to fulfil this role.
Is there anyone from the member clubs who feel they have the knowledge and experience and of course the time to consider taking on this position?
If so, could you please contact the General Secretary on 07909 978863 or e-mail to: colin.olliffe@gmail.com

Date for your diaries - 2014 Presentation Dinner

It may be a long way off, but so that you can plan ahead, the date of the 2014 Presentation dinner will be on Friday 14th November.
We will be returning to Drayton Golf Club as in previous years and hope to use their full capacity of 190.
Club Secretaries, please put this on your club notice board.

OCA Grants

The OCA Committee are aware some clubs have problems with the quality of their grounds so would like to be able to help with a grant that can be put towards the total cost of improvements. It has been agreed that some money taken in fines will be given back to clubs via a small grant. Application can be made by downloading the Grant Form under the link to the right.