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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

With nearly 100 years of history, the Oxfordshire Cricket Association is dedicated to offering competitive result cricket to member clubs and promoting youth involvement in cricket at a grassroots level, all played in a spirit desirable to local cricket.

The league’s progressive rules and constitution puts it in the perfect position to tackle the modern-day challenges facing cricket and those passionate about playing.

New clubs and teams are actively encouraged to join, whether the club has one side, or only certain teams from within a club want to join.

New sides are always placed at the appropriate level within the league system to ensure a competitive, and enjoyable game for everyone.

The Association’s playing conditions and rules are decided by the clubs, and are governed by a committed, experienced and responsive committee of individuals, all of whom have been involved in local cricket for many years.

The committee provide training courses to improve ground and umpiring standards, to ensure that two neutral umpires officiate every game with the best facilities possible.


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Firstly, we are pleased that the following clubs have signed up to attend the dinner on the 9th November...these are:
Chipping Norton - Hook Norton - Kilkenny (Carterton) - Watlington - Westcott - Witney Swifts and Wolvercote....

If some clubs are undecided there is still time to apply for tickets, BUT please do so in the next 7 days.....

Now for the BAD news followed by the GOOD news......For those who have read the profile on Charles Dagnall, our
invited guest speaker, will know that he is under contract with the BBC for Test Match Special and has suddenly been
detailed to work abroad at the time of the dinner, which of course is very BAD NEWS for the OCA.....However, the GOOD
NEWS is that a colleague of Charles - David Fulton who works for Sky Sports is able to take his place and from his
profile (See under Administration) sounds to be a very engaging speaker and has been well received on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

The Executive committee feel very confident that although we have had to make this change, it will still be a very enjoyable
evening for all and numbers have alreday exceeded 100 attendees, so hope that a few more will want to join us?

OCA George Panting Young Player of the Year Award nominations

Now is the time for all clubs to nominate their 'Young Player of the Year'and this should bne done in the next 10 days please.
Nominations to be sent to: The General Secretary....colin.olliffe@gmail.com
Anything after the 20th October WILL NOT be accepted.

Changes to the Division 5 final table:

Please be advised that the Registration Secretary and the Penalties panel have deducted points from Tetsworth II team, following investigations that they played
an ineligible player in the following games: East & West Hendred on the 30th June and Swinbrook on the 14th July 2018.
The Division 5 table has been amended, now showing Tetsworth II in fourth place and not second as previously shown.

'Open letter of apology' from Tetsworth C.C.and Sanctions imposed on the club.

This letter and the sanctions laid down by the Disciplinary Panel can be read or downloaded from the OCA website - see under Administration.

Umpires Courses - For new and existing umpires

ECB ACO Umpires courses Stage 1 & Stage 2 now open for booking




PRESENTATION DINNER 2018.......Please respond

A circular was sent out to member clubs asking if they could confirm (one way or the other) numbers for the above dinner.
10-12 clubs have already advised that they WILL NOT be attending, so we urge clubs to advise WHICH CLUBS ARE GOING TO BOOK PLACES, as in the forms sent to clubs the deadline for tickets is the 1st October 2018.
We do have to have a minimum of 100 persons attending to make this a viable option, so please let the General Secretary know YES or NO.
Many thanks

League and Cup Winners for 2018

Division 1: Witney Swifts
Division 2: Chipping Norton
Division 3: Kilkenny
Division 4: Hook Norton
Division 5: Wolvercote II
Division 6: Witney Swifts II
Division 7N: Westcott II
Division 7S: Watlington II
Airey Cup: Witney Swifts
Telegraph Cup: Hook Norton
Steve Dixon: Witney Swifts II
Osberton Cup: Stanton Harcourt
Pullinger 20-20 Witney Swifts

Berkshire Stage 1 and 2 Umpires courses

For those who would prefer Sunday courses please see details under Administration

OCA v Cherwell League Inter League Rep game Scorecard

For anyone interested in looking at the above scorecard, this can be downloaded from the website under 'Administration'...

ECB ACO Stage 1 and Stage 2 Umpires Courses 2019

Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses will run through consecutively Saturdays 17th & 24th November 2018 and 1st December at Tiddington CC, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
See the flyer under Administration.

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