Oxfordshire Cricket Association 2016
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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

The Oxfordshire Cricket Association now boasts 96 teams from 52 clubs competing in 10 divisions and 6 cup competitions.
The Association promotes competitive cricket in Oxfordshire and the outlying districts, maintaining the integrity of competition with regard to 2nd and 3rd team cricket, and promoting the highest standards in all facets of the game.

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Action from League and Cup 2013

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Scorer's Course?

One is planned to be held at Cropedy on the 23rd and 30th March, but has only 6 places available.
If you are interested in joining this course please advise the OCA General Secretary - colin.olliffe@gmail.com - as soon as possible.
The course has 2 elements running concurrently:
Basic introduction to book scoring
Computer Scoring with Total Cricket Scorer for those who already have a knowledge of scoring and want to switch to computer from book

Alternatively, more courses can be arranged, but clubs DO NEED TO EXPRESS THEIR INTEREST PLEASE.

Cup Final Venues required for 2016 season.....CAN YOUR CLUB PLEASE HELP?

As we plan for the 2016 cup competitions, we need to find venues for the finals, so are looking to member clubs to offer their grounds for this.
It seems that we always get the same clubs to offer, so are really looking for clubs who have not hosted a final before or have not done so for a long time...Please consider this.
This can be a great opportunity for the club to make some money for your club, so please can you take this to your Management Committee and then contact Ivan Mulford if you are able to help?
Ivan Mulford: ivanmulford@hotmail.com or 07748 631 116

Gift for Nick Treweeke.

The Executive Committee are extremely grateful for the many years of committed service that Nick Treweeke has given to the Association, and will be presenting him with a gift in due course.
We wish to give all the member clubs the opportunity to give a donation towards this gift, and this should be sent to the OCA Treasurer, clearly marked ' Gift Donation for Nick Treweeke'.
If paying direct into the OCA account, please ensure that this carries a note as above.
The 'gift fund' will be open for donations until the end of February 2016.
Many thanks

Are you a Marketing Man - if so, the OCA needs you?

The OCA Executive wish to involve the services of a Marketing Manager, as we seem to be missing out on opportunities to raise funds for the association. There is currently no-one on the Executive Committee with marketing experience, so if YOU feel this is for 'you', please contact the Chairman or the General Secretary for further information.
Thank you.

Is your CRB still current for the 2016 season?

If you hold a CRB certificate and will be involved in OCA cricket during 2016, can you please check that your certificate is still in date (not sure if they advise you to re-new?) as they normally run for three (3) years.
Should you need to re-new your CRB, please contact Ian Royle who will be pleased to check your form and sign it off.
Ian's contact No: 01235.847528 or royle.ian@talk21.com

Covers and Sight Screens notification to all member clubs

This is a notice to advise all clubs that they are expected to provide pitch covers (flat sheets or roll-on) as from the beginning of the 2016 season, and checks by the Facilities Secretary will be made to ensure that these are available.
With regards to Sight Screens, this is a forward notice to advise ALL CLUBS that as from 2017, sight screens MUST be provided, so if your club is still without these, plans should be put in place during this coming season.

O.C.A. Presentation Evening - Friday 13th November - A great success!!

Our sincere thanks to the 140 who attended the dinner last evening, which proved to be a very enjoyable and fun time, and in he words of our guest speaker Paul Nixon " Many thanks for a fantastic evening, they were a fun bunch and I enjoyed everyone's company" David Quinn our compere' brought great hilarity to the proceedings as he announced the clubs winning trophies etc, ably supported by the 'Minster Lovell boys'!!! who did their best to give Westbury C.C. a noisy exit of the OCA, but we wish them every success as they leave to join the Cherwell League. Great to have invited guests with us - Clive Ricks (Chairman of the Cherwell League) Chris Clements ( Chairman of the Oxfordshire Cricket Board) and also Luke Ryan (OCB Business Manager and Oxfordshire cricket captain) and trust these links will help us all benefit and improve cricket in Oxfordshire?
Our thanks go to Drayton Golf Club and to the Complete Catering Company for looking after us so well.
Colin Olliffe - O.C.A.General Secretary

Looking for games in 2016!!

We are a touring team called Great Beardon who are looking to tour Oxford from Sunday the 24th of July to Tuesday the 26th of July 2016. We will be looking for three 50 over games on these days. If we are unable to get a 50 over game on the Monday, we would be looking for a twenty over after work game. Great Beardon are a group of friends who tour every year, with their roots in Aberystwyth University and Barry.If interested please contact Gareth at g_lanagan@hotmail.co.uk