Oxfordshire Cricket Association 2015
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celebrating over 100 years of league cricket

The Oxfordshire Cricket Association now boasts 96 teams from 52 clubs competing in 10 divisions and 6 cup competitions.
The Association promotes competitive cricket in Oxfordshire and the outlying districts, maintaining the integrity of competition with regard to 2nd and 3rd team cricket, and promoting the highest standards in all facets of the game.

©Steve Wheeler 2013

Action from League and Cup 2013

©Steve Wheeler 2013


Message from the Treasurer - Steve Oliver

Could I remind all clubs with outstanding fines to pay them promptly to avoid further penalties.

Steve Oliver - Honorary Treasurer

Message from the Umpire Secretary - David Quinn

A number of changes are made weekly to the Umpire Rotas. All the s are recorded on the website. Therefore, if there is a need to contact umpires, today or any other day, it would be prudent to consult the website to check you are trying to get in touch with the right person.
Should there not be a named umpire but a club then consult the telephone listing in the handbook for the number of that club's Umpire Coordinator.
Please pass this message on to all who need to know.
David Quinn
Umpires Secretary.

Ineligible Players in Cup Competitions

All club contacts/secretaries have been sent a notice as follows relating to the above - which is written by the OCA President:

On 30 May 2015, twenty teams played ineligible players in the five cup competitions, despite Peter Whitlock's (Registration Secretary) clear presentation of the cup eligibility rules at the club captains pre-season meeting on the 23 April 2015.

Following these breaches a decision was made to fine all teams 10.00 but no teams were excluded from the next round. This resulted in Bye-Law 2 (playing an ineligible player in a cup competition) not being followed, which is too serious for decisions made in previous years and when the same happens in future years.

I have needed to make a prompt decision on the way forward and have decided to fine all the offending teams 25.00 and remove them from this years competitions as per Bye-law 2. In circumstances where both teams in the same match fielded an ineligible player(s) both teams are excluded, resulting in a bye to their opponents, and where a team had no ineligible player(s), but was beaten by a team with an ineligible player, they are reinstated.The website has been amended accordingly.

Nick Treweeke - OCA President

Discipline Issues

The OCA Committee has become aware through official and unofficial channels of a certain level of ill-discipline in some of the games played so far this season. It is very much in a minority but nevertheless is not something we wish to see perpetuated. The Disciplinary Committee will no doubt come down very hard on offenders and this may well include the captain of the offending team.
All penalties imposed will be displayed on the website.
To that end, we have prepared the attached document that we would like you to circulate to every member of your club. The document will also be sent to your club's Umpire Coordinator who would be expected to circulate it to the umpires.
This document can be viewed and downloaded 'See under Administration'

Eynsham C.C. - New Pavilion now open!!

Congratulations to Eynsham Cricket Club on the opening of their new pavilion, which is a very impressive building. Full marks to all those who have worked so hard to fund raise and build this replacement pavilion after the fire some three years ago.
We wish Eynsham the very best for the future and hope it will not be too long before they request a cup final on their ground.
OCA Executive:

Garsington C.C. - 1st XI news!

It is with regret that Garsington first team have withdrawn from Division 2 due to a lack of players, and their second team players (Division 5) do not feel capable of playing in the higher division.
In order for the club to keep going, it has been agreed to allow the team in Division 5 to continue under 'Garsington', and the Registration Secretary will be monitoring those who play in this team. The majority of the named players from their first team, if still members of the club, will not be allowed to play in Division 5.
OCA Executive:

Changes to the OCA Constitution and Match Rules

A document has been sent to ALL CLUBS advising them of these changes, but if you wish to see a copy of this please look under Administration on the OCA website.
The document can be downloaded and printed off if you want a hard copy.

Match Reports on website

Can we please remind all member clubs that the reporting of results onto the website has to be by Noon the following day.....
Some clubs think that Noon (12.00 o'clock) is the target, but it is actually the deadline, so please try and get the results on WELL BEFORE this deadline to help the Media Secretary....Thankyou

2014 Cup Winners - Your Urgent attention please!

You are reminded that all cup/trophies should be returned to STEVE OLIVER by the 1st July 2015.
This is most important, so please attend to this at the earliest opportunity, so that the cups can be available for the 2015 finials.
It is hoped that further reminders will not be necessary?
Thank you

Venue required for the Inter League Challenge Cup - OCA v Cherwell League

The date for this game has been agreed for Sunday 23rd August and this year it it the turn of the OCA to host this, so we will need to provide a ground and catering facilities.
If your club is willing to offer this, can you please contact Marcus Charman in the first instance (07920 853 700 or email: marcus@affinity cricket.co.uk)
Many thanks

Match Report Comments.....

Clubs are reminded that the section for comments on the Match reports is for the benefit of the Media Secretary for when he compiles his report. It is for highlighting particular performances of players and NOT for denigrating the umpires or having a go at the opposition. If you have issues, then use the correct contact channels to discuss your concerns or complaints.

Photographs for the Oxford Mail..... and team photos?

This season the Oxford Mail have promised two pages of coverage for 'cricket' reports, which means that there is more room for photographs, so here is your opportunity to get your club 'into the news'.....
Although Steve Wheeler will still be covering the OCA games, we have been asked that teams take their own photos and send them to Kieren Bushnell (OCA Media Officer), who will then forward them to the Oxford Mail.
Please take advantage of this, as it is all good coverage for the Oxfordshire Cricket Association.
Kieren's e-mail address is: kierenbushnell@btinternet.com

Talking of photographs, if you would like a 'professional team photograph' for your club, Steve Wheeler is happy to come along by arrangement and provide this service, so please make contact direct with him on 01865.731451 or mobile 07884 187 387 or e-mail: steve.wheeler50@byinternet.com.

Error on Division 4 Fixture List.....

Please be advised of this error on the Fixture list....
In Division 4, the Uffington v Deddington fixture scheduled for September 12th should be voided - they are playing at Uffington on August 8th and at Deddington on June 6th.
My apologies......The Fixture Secretary

Errors or exclusions from the OCA 2015 Handbook

Change of mobile number: Peter Styles (umpire): 07810 427 391.....

Incorrect home number for: Mike Dix (umpire): Should be: 01993.703145

Change of Secretary for Steventon C.C. - Mike Day - 01235.429882 & 07929 043 733 - e-mail: mikeday1999@aol.com.

Change of mobile number for Steve Tomlin - Swinbrook Umpire....New number is 07837 212 599

Oxenford C.C. - Change of captain: Aaron Hirtenstein - e-mail: zizanio64@gmail.com
Oxenford contact address: 87 Langbourne Place - Isle of Dogs - London -
E14 3WN

Division 5 fixtures for June 6th should read:

Charlbury II v Hook Norton Charlbury No 1 Ground

Garsington II v West Witney Garsington

Kennington v Risinghurst Kennington

Steventon v Sunningwell Steventon

West Ilsley v Minster Lovell II West Ilsley

Steve Wheeler - Freelance Photographer

This message is meant for clubs who have received an e-mail from Steve Wheeler, the freelance photographer who very kindly comes to the annual dinner and takes photos of the various winning/runners-up clubs.....

Sadly, very few have responded to his offer to supply a club photo, not even a 'no-thank you' to acknowledge his e-mail, which I find a little unfair?

If YOUR CLUB has received an e-mail and offer of a photograph, please be kind enough to contact Steve, and better still, how about placing an order - a photo of your winning side would look good in the clubhouse!

Looking into 2015, Steve is happy to come to any club and take a 'team photograph' and it would be at a very reasonable cost, so please take up this offer and support someone who has worked within the OCA for many years.

Steve's details are: steve.wheeler50@btinternet.com (01865) 731451 or mobile: 07884 187 387

Does your club require net facilities......if so...read on

What would you say to a New Indoor Cricket Centre in Oxfordshire?

Cricket Evolution are working with cricket clubs, cricket and local authorities in planning the development of a state of the art indoor cricket training centre in Oxfordshire. To help support the business case, Cricket Evolution would be pleased if you can complete their Indoor Training Survey. It will take 3 minutes and you could win an Onhand Sport Cricket Bat. For more information visit www.cricketevolution.co.uk
Go to this link https://www.surveymonkey.net/s/cricketevolution ?

ECB Club Support - Creating a sustainable future for your club

This is a very recent initiative from the ECB to offer help to clubs, so if you have a particular need, please go to ecb.co.uk/clubsupport and see if they can be of help or e-mail them: clubsupport@ecb.co.uk

Two new members of the OCA Executive for 2015

We are pleased to announce that MARCUS CHARMAN(Wootton & Boars Hill) and IAN ROYLE(Steventon) will be joining the Executive committee as from the 9th February 2015. We are sure that they will be a great asset to the OCA in helping the association move forward in 2015.

OCA Grants

The OCA Committee are aware some clubs have problems with the quality of their grounds so would like to be able to help with a grant that can be put towards the total cost of improvements. It has been agreed that some money taken in fines will be given back to clubs via a small grant. Application can be made by downloading the Grant Form under the link to the right.